We're Poppyseed Press, a freelance design studio out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in design and marketing projects for small businesses and non-profits.
We can help you develop your brand and logo, launch your event, make a website or create promotional videos
or print material. Poppyseed Press is on a mission to make things easier and prettier for you.
Megan Streng has worked in non-profit communications for ten years. She spent time studying art and design, but found  her groove graduating with Advertising and PR from Grand Valley. She specializes in advertising, public relations and graphic design.
Emma Begeman has worked in non-profit communications for two years. After she graduated from Ferris State, she decided to pursue a career in communications specializing in social media, videography and website development.
After doing plenty of side gigs for friends, families and small businesses, Megan and Emma decided to open up
Poppyseed Press as freelancers. You don’t have to feel intimidated to work with a large agency. We’ll give you quality materials with more bang for your buck.
We also launched our online store, where you can find a variety of paper products including greeting cards, desk pads and more!